3rd Subject PDP

The Subject process started off with the development of finding a need for a new design so by creating a mood board of my own personal interest i was able to identify the potential needs for a new design. When identifying the area in which i wanted to go into i decided to create several questionnaires that included questions on the ski gear and the potential issues they had and trying to build a target market at the same time.

The results of the questionnaire showed that people have decided to swap the ski goggles for sunglasses and this consequently showed a decrease in the amount of people using helmets as well creating a dip in the market .This allowed me to try and identify why people are changing there use of ski goggles to sunglasses and the research shown there was a trend in fashion showing the elegant of using sunglasses over ski goggles. So during my design process i had decided to start producing more elegant designs in the ski goggles that resembles sunglasses. This however only seemed like a short term solutions in the matter with market research showing a wide range of elegant designs being made however the cost to constantly change a pair of ski goggles can be very high so in order to cheapen the cost i wanted to implement an idea to be able to change the design of your ski goggles in order for people to keep up with trends without needing to spend an incredible amount.

The thing i would have changed would be the mechanism to change out the frame design to become more efficient and more accessible and also be able to show a few examples on the different types of lenses in order to gain a better understanding on how the product works .



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