3rd Field Research Design Specs

Africa Pack Research

Design specification Required

The cost of the product

  • Low cost is required for the product to allow affordability to the clients purchasing the product, this will allow more volume in the product to come as aid.


  • The consumers aim to have the product to be a frugal design to create a product that can communicate to a consumer who has limited education.

Environmentally Friendly

  • The resources used to produce this product must come from a recyclable source to allow cheaper cost in production and also allow the product to become sustainable.


  • Able to preserve medication in a desert climate (hot and cold)
  • Being able to with stand temperatures of 86 degrees

Manufacturing process

  • Injection moulding suitable for mass production

Shelf life storage

  • Must be allowed to be able to be used and ready for transportation at any time


  • The aim of the project is to be aimed at the people of Zimbabwe as one of Sub-Saharans main exporters they can create a large impact on the culture aspects on the rest of the continent

Product lifespan

  • The lifespan of the product must be able to exceed the expiry date of any medication and withstand multiple environments without deterioration of the products materials


  • The materials used will be PET and PLA suitable for the injection moulding process .


  • The product must be able to fit in the bottles nicely as well as the extra component fitting into the pockets better.

Shipping and transporting

  • Lowed shipping cost by using the unused space in between bottles to lower cost and allow the export of the goods to spread out far

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