3rd Field PDP

During the field module i found that pursuing an already developed brief on RSA website helped the process of finding the ideas i wanted much better . However by doing this i had found there was a decrease in creativity due to the need to meet the briefs specifications. The research process began by identifying the problems and what could potentially solve the issue , the main issue that seemed to come up most often was the alarming increase of STDS/HIV patents that has occurred over the past 5 years. Realizing that this could become a potential brief the to help the way medicine is distributed in Africa, i began researching the areas itself . This research included the weather conditions as well as the culture aspect of the place and trying to identify the potential improvements that can be made. This allowed me to come across a product the called coke life which is a design that uses the unused space in between bottles to distribute and at a low cost . By studying the process from the product becoming a luxury to a necessity by seeing the vast improvements that the product gave to the life style of the people of africa ,created a higher demand making the product a necessity. This showed much promise in the method used so i wanted to implement the same idea however using a different method and form to distribute HIV pills. However as shown in my research the situations is not due to the demand but due to the supply of HIV pills was very expensive which lead my research to finding ways of preventing HIV/STDs . This lead my research to involve contraception which was a cheaper options and by using the unused space in exports we can potentially spread information about the need for contraception and the expanding the product to a larger range of people who live in more remote areas. If i was to do the project again i would have tried to communicate the idea behind the product and the potential impact the product could have and identify the batch productions and show how the batch production can be developed into more advanced models. Another factor i would change is the design to store more contraception and give more of a variety in choice .


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