3rd year : PDP

The constellation task i originally found difficult at first because of personal reason i was a little bit behind on work causing me strain in trying to find a topic to do in my technical research report. The subject that caught my eye was the hydraulic subject ,the reason why is because hydraulics was used in many industrial and medical application which appealed to  me as a designer. The reason for this was because hydraulics as a theory can be implemented into medical and industrial design, which caught my attention because those were the fields i would hope to go into one day. During the research stage of the technical report i began researching the history of hydraulics in order to gain an understanding of its development from its original concept and the effects on product design.

My research then carried on with trying to understand the depths of hydraulic for example discussing how pascals law can be incorporated into hydraulic designs. This lead my research discussing the newtons theory ,where the forces used on a hydraulic circuit can be calculated to support my own personal arguments. The research began expanding by comparing hydraulics to other systems and identifying the different advantages and disadvantage. This part of the technical research report consisted of discussing pneumatic and electrical motors. The research it self helped me show the different development stages in which hydraulics had become and how hydraulics was able to adapt to different fields of design. The research influenced my choice of doing a experiment that will compare the properties of a vegetable based oil to a mineral based oil and comparing the different types of oils. The oils chosen where able to be placed into a hydraulic circuit, allowing ,me the ability to test there physical properties in a product.

While identifying the different hydraulic systems i had decided to see if there where any down side in using hydraulics in more different production. Which lead me to the point of seeing a argument on hydraulic fracking which allowed me to gain an idea of certain patents that is needed for design ,expanding my knowledge and giving me a chance to explore my options for advanced design.

After finishing the experiment i began to notice some abnormal aspects and began to research the oils used in hydraulic. And in my research i saw there was a potential flaw in the filtering system in motor vehicles and realized the filters used in motor vehicles could still cause erosion and components to malfunction due to the by pass systems allowing dirty oil to be exposed to the components within the vehicle.


3rd year :Experiment

Today i tried experimenting with different oils and placing them into a hydraulic circuit inorder to see the different outcomes and properties that each oil had. With each oil used i made sure to record all its characteristics such as the thickness there heat tolerances and there ability to with stand freezing cold temperatures.

The oils used was a mixture of vegetable based products and mineral based products so we can compare the two and see if using vegetable oil can achieve the required properties. A total of three experiences where done one was placing them into a hydraulic circuit and the other was exposing the oils to heat and cold climates and see if they can still function in different weather conditions.