3rd year : Bsc Experiment trails

Day one in producing my first experiment trying to compare the efficiency between hydraulics to electric motors. In order to make the experiment even we must include several factors ,for example there must be a way to set points for each system in order to get a fair result. This will involve calculating the height the weight and force used on the hydraulics and setting a target which compares both of the systems efficiency.

The production of this experiment will be a simple hydraulic lift and ensuring that the results are even ,the design of the hydraulic lift is built to use a hydraulic method as well as a electrical motor.



3rd year :Anthropometrics

  • Displaying the rough dimensions needed in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the final product, this was done by trying to identify the average size that is needed for the users. ​
  • By analyzing other similar product will allow a better outcome in the final product giving more of a variations to the final design .


3rd year: Brief

The aim for this project is to improve the skiing experience on the main slopes in order to prevent less people going off slope.Which has proven to cause deforestation always as being very unsafe due to the lack of aid in the off slope areas. The target market will be aimed at young adults around the ages of 18 and 25, the reason for this is that it’s this specific age group who are most likely to go off slope.


This persona i based on the results i had received from my questionnaire and was able to analysis the majority of people who did off slope skiing .This allowed me to create a solid target market and allowed me to create a questionnaire that focuses on one specific target.


3rd year :Future forcasting

The future forecasting adding augmented tech to be implemented into ski goggles as a method of increasing the experience of skiing on a mountain. This is done through adding sensors onto the actual ski goggles itself mostly motion sensors. This essentially creates images on to the actual skii goggles that shows a the best route to take and also gives you directions for lifts and other areas .  

This is wear the development of ski equipment is heading to with the development of technology influencing the younger generations to have more excitement with combining reality with virtual life .

The development of prosthetic has been developed to the point of giving life to the prosthetic by giving them the ability to control of their prosthetic with the allowing them to control the movements of the prosthetic through there mind . This will open up a wide range of possibilities allowing better control with their limbs by giving them the ability to perform better movements .

Using a method of muscle re innervation ,in which can target muscle reaction and nerves to allow control for the limbs to open and close . Amanda Kitts uses the device below to test the reaction of her limbs by recording certain movements and transferring the data to a more refined computer chip to be applied to the prosthetic limb creating more advanced and natural movements .

3rd year Need for a New design

Trend spotting for ski goggles

Beginning my research with developing a brief and i thought he best way to do this would be to try to find a need for a new a design into a field i have an interest in. This lead to me going into trend spotting to try and find the best outcome i want .

A new trend that has been showing lately in skiing culture is the needed for users to record all their actions and posting the videos online . Evidence of this is shown with the increase demand of go pros being used on slopes. By having the need for capturing every moment of your holiday has become an increasing trend in our daily life. Another trend that has been taking place is that people are starting to not wear ski goggles, the reason for this is because people don’t like the marks that ski goggles leave after a whole day in the sun.