Bsc egg race design

This project was based on the point of needing to create a go kart that can transport an egg for 3 metres away , using only certain materials as a base project for the whole scheme .

The materials that we were allowed to use was very simple , only allowed to use cardboard ,one elastic band ,glue , paperclips and others forms of foam boards.

With the design I choose for my project I had decided to go for a simple and design which would be able to distribute the weight of the egg to its advantaged .This lead the process of testing many different methods of producing the final product by the means of testing torques theory and the different elastic bands strength and weakness. These include factors such as how much the elastic band can actually stretch and see how much power can come from the actual band itself creating a more productive product in the end .

The first test I run I tried on the race car was using a windpower as the main source of transportation which proven to be very un effective due to the fact the weight of the egg was simply too much for the car to gain any kind of speed. Knowing this I decided to further my research into more ground floor tactics . This lead to the process of having a simple pull twist motor , which worked the best with the distance due to the fact that the car could have more pressured added due to its shape and design.

If I were to redo this project I will in the size of the car to gain much more distance as well as increase the friction on the actual wheels itself in order to produce a better grib and move at a faster pace .