Subject 1 : Water for all Research

Revised Brief :

The aim for this term assignment is to produce a product in which lightens the burden of water collection for women in developing .Statistically 40 billion hours a year is spent on water collection in developing countries and the water collected have been known to be contaminated with deadly bacteria which causes diarrhoea and other deadly diseases . The target market I have chosen to aim my product at women who have a family of four in Chad (more specifically Niger) who currently operate a small farm and require roughly 50 litres of water a day for consumption , bathing and other .The reason why I have chosen to target women as a consumer is because it is largely the women populations response-ability to collect water in developing countries .The aim is to create a product in which helps the collection process of water by the transportation needed to collect the water or by making the water collected ,be more efficiently used reducing the need to gather more water .

Aesthetics: Must appeal to be easy to use and colours must not draw any attention and can be easily operated .
Function: Must be able to travel long distances as well as storing water ,allowing comfort and easy to the user
Cost: Considering the cost of the product is charge through charities the cost can be slightly higher.
Size: large enough to only need to make one trip and store water for a family of four as well as being able to feed the crops .

During my research stage I came across different methods to purify water in the wild using the bare minimum of resources .



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