Subject 2 : Poster designs

Experimenting with the rendering process by changing the colour scheme trying to create a range of examples to get a better and clear example of the final design for my product. This was done through using more vibrant colours to bring out the image and messing around with the light and camera angle to portray the product to the best angle to display what it does as well as be aesthetically pleasing .

Prototype coloursPrototype 5 green

 Example of the first poster layout ,which used a light grey background to try to prevent the poster looking too conventional and creating a simple and elegant background which did not over power the main rendered image . The image on the right was an example of a rendered image which was in a exploded view and in order to get the rendered image to look more elegant I decided to increase the lighting and the end result was not the best due to the fact some of the details on the design was not shown . By experimenting this through cad allowed the best final outcome for the product poster .

final poster ideaexample

 The poster had developed more through adding close up view of certain components creating a better features board for the poster illustrating the products functions more effectively . This however made the poster look to dull in the fact that there was no colour contrast on the poster reflecting on to the product itself . Which meant there was a need to change the way the poster was formatted and designed through adding more life into the poster by adding colour.

exploded posterPoster idea features


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