Subject 2 : Concept development

After taken all the design through the design matrix I had realised that the design that stood out as the dominant was the design that was influenced by ikea furniture . This was a successful design because the shape and form was aesthetically pleasing and the design itself had a lot of potential in the development of the design. Which had lead to multiple designs below which had been adjusted to the point where the functions of the design has been taken into more detail .


This design was re-designed by giving the form more of a slender look and has been given a simplistic function and the dimension of the design was changed slightly by adding in different watering techniques to improve upon the functions of the product and giving the product a design feature as well. Over changes were made due to the fact that the rotational moulding process could have compromised the final product finish due to the size .So by changing the  size making the product more slender allows the heat from the rotational moulding process to work more effectively creating a better functioning product .


By incorporating a tray inside the product creates air waves for the crops increasing the productivity of the product allowing faster and better quality crops to be grown in the product . However deciding the form and what best design to use when producing the lids will create the best outcome for the product itself.




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