BSC : Production process

Bsc Production process

Beginning the production process by testing different sensor components using the ardunio checking which sensors can be used with the sound system provided for us ,and adjusting the resistance of the components in order to achieve the maximum potential the sensors can achieve for the product . This is where I discovered the use of motion sensors in my product to be very useful as a hands free sensor.

The image below indicates the testing process of the sensors


An LDR was used in my product so I had to improvise with the shape of the product in order to achieve a  well designed and aesthetically pleasing final piece this required me to solder on the resistors on to the wires so that the components are more easy to move around and can be placed in shell more efficiently.

The image below shows the final outcome


Step 1 mapping out a shape




Step 2 beginning to form a shell to place components


Step 3 start sanding down edges



Step 4 start adding finishing touches


Final product



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