BSC : Chair Project

To construct a Chair that was only made of spaghetti and glue ,the height requirements was at least 290mm with a standard back rest and must be able to withstand a weight of 4kg .

The begin of the project I decide to experiment with miniaturise model in order to get an idea which structure would be most effective. This allowed me to experiment with different forms and structure in order to gain a more creative shape to the design. This process was followed on by deciding which glue would be best to use for the project and realised that certain glues had negative effects on the actual product itself ,for example I found that the hot glue gun had weaken the strength of the material creating an ineffective gluing tool .This resulted in using super glue in stead only side effect is that the glue took a awhile to dry ,slowing down production. The whole project had given me first had experience on producing certain structure knowing which ones work and which ones don’t. Also I found using the calculations we learnt in class we can identify which ideas can work before the product is even made. The only things I would change if I were to do the project again would be to focus more on the aesthetics and use less materials to create the final structure.


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