Subject Urban farming : Research

  Different farming techniques

With farming there are many different methods of approaching how to produce different crops and produce. To determine how efficient each process is can be identified in many different ways such as the yield ,quality and all round consistency of the outcome .One of these methods are called crop rotation which is a method of creating high yield of crops of growing different crops in succession in the same field , which is considered one of the most sustainable technique .Due to the fact they are utilizing the same area all year round creating more of an output .However with this method they must consider that each plant most be grown in a certain methods and require different pesticides and fertilization to produce a quality outcome ,this essentially creates more labour work .This would be a process i will keep away from the final design of the product because of the high labour cost needed and up keep.

These are other examples of different agricultural techniques
1.Cover crops
2.Soil enrichment
3.Natural pest predators
4.Biointensive integrate pest management


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