Field 2 : PDP

Field 2 : Are You Sitting Comfortably ?

The start of this project began with a simple brief ,that required us to produce a chair that was for specific target market .The target market that we had to produce a chair for was none other than our local tutors ,this allowed us to gain one to one primary research through a questionnaire provided by Richard .I personally thought that this process of receiving research on the design was very effective because the information gained was legit and became a necessary aspect for the final design. This method of gaining primary research had proven very effective in the final design because the original ideas that I had personally produced would not appeal to the target market I was given .Also with having a second opinion on the task at hand allowed me to produce ideas that would incorporate  the clients interest and hobbies which created new forms and ideas to the design stage .In class we were given several different task that allowed us to gain an inside to how to produce the chair design ,these task involved us using welding wire as a modelling tool to produce the line shapes of the chairs  as well as using model board to create the planes of the chair designs . Both of these tasks helped with the final production of the chair because they gave us an idea of the form and scale needed for the design itself. One other aspect that the project required us to do was to create a working model ,this became very challenging to myself due to the fact I lack a lot of the skills needed to produce the best chair outcome .However with the use of the Fab Lab had become a huge asset because it allowed me to expand my abilities to more technical ways of producing product by allowing me to use the CNC machine and laser cutter .The reason why this helped was because the machines ability to be able to cut certain shapes precisely allowing me to create more advance design .On the other hand I felt that some designs we wanted to produce ended up being very restricted due to the fact that we were restricted by the amount of materials we could use and the need to use secondary materials became a necessary because the scale of the design would have been much smaller than originally thought of.  Several aspects I would change with the project if I were to repeat the task is that I would have spent more time in the making process so that the final outcome of the product is at a better standard as well as spending more time on the design itself ,ensuring that the chair design appeals to the target market and functions properly. However I felt that the product was very successful and the final outcome was to a reasonable standard and the skills I have learnt from this project will become very useful in my future subject projects.


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