Field 2 : Models

Testing out different methods of creating chairs designs using welding wire ,this had allowed us to produce chair designs which only use line base in order to get a better idea on how to create the best structure for the chair design. Most of the ideas shown was trying to recreate already made chairs so gaining an better understanding to how the frame works .One factors in which seemed to be the constant is that the structure is most sturdy when the whole piece is created in one wire .

IMG_0345 IMG_0347

IMG_0346 IMG_0344


After experimenting with the line bases I then moved on experimenting with planes and this allowed me to research different kinds of joints and hinges that will help secure the chair in the best way . A certain factor in which I had to keep in mind when designing the chair was the thickness of the material and must be considered the most important measurement because if not there will be many difficulties .





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