Field 2 : introduction

Persona chairs

Introducing this terms subject through the brief of us needing to produce a fully functioning chair for a specific target which we will have to interview using 20 specially selected questions to identify the aesthetics and function in which the chair will have as a feature .

Before starting any designing process we had to find the ergonomics and anthropometrics of different chairs in order to get a clear idea with the ratio and size we will use. This required us to split up in pairs and find different measurements for different chairs and we’ll as recording the measurements on how both partners interact with the chair .This information is then compared with another group because we can gain the medium of the measurements to gain more of a average size in which our chairs will be .

Average measurements from random chairs:

First chair (stool)

  • Legs – 465mm
  • Depth seat – 377mm
  • Chair height- 785mm
  • How far legs are away from seat – 50mm

Second chair (Sofa)

  • Overall height – 690mm
  • Floor to seat – 115mm
  • Thickness – 275mm
  • Heads board – 350mm
  • Seat depth – 563mm
  • Arm rest – 175mm

Third chair (desk)

  • Leg height – 660mm
  • Seat height – 370mm
  • Overall height – 785mm
  • Feet from floor – 205mm

Note from chair sizes







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