Field : Ideas briefing

Once we were placed into teams of five we began our task of coming up with an idea using the Arduino board ,which has a function which reacts to some form of kinetic energy ,this can be through a push ,touch or sound .As long as the idea reacts to the users persistent giving a reaction for each encounter . We had an idea of producing a mind map of ideas to try to gain a clear perspective on a ideal product ,however during this stage I had found my self in conflict with my fellow teammates this was due to the fact I was given ideas in a product design mind set . This had allowed us to come with our first idea which was a baby monitor that is used as a door stop to prevent the baby from any potential danger .The way we produce the sensor was using an ultra sound sensor in which emits ultra sounds through the sensor where the sound bounces back to the sensor and the sensor will record the distance and time of the encounter . This will allow us to produce a sensor by recording a certain distance where the ultra sound will receive the sound wave ,allowing us to create a potential switch or in other words a connection that will create a reaction to a certain output to ether create a sound or light up to alert the user .

Here is an example of the coding used

sensor coding

Here is a video of the sensor at work Here are a view a few images to show the function of the product



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