Field 1 : Research

During the research stage of our project we started to look at different examples of the sensors being used in different designs and found several websites the specialise in the development of Arduino based design here are a few examples of the different ways they had used the various sensors and components to there own advantage.

Most of the sensors used on these products are very easy to spot out such as the ultra sound sensor below which is applied on to the vehicle to try and prevent any collisions with stop the motors once the motor sensor has reached a certain destination .The other product use a more elegant approach with the design by hiding the electrical components with clothing or a shell base these are shown by the dress made of LEDS and the moving toy below.

images (16)images (17)images (19)images9JSREY8I

The jobs even to us during field was separated into different sections to give us a better perspective on different ways we can approach the task at hand ,for example in our group we had a two textiles and one fine artist .This developed in the textiles students to stumble on a certain material in which uses special fabric that can conduct electricity ,and the reason why this is special is because this material has a flexible and durable features. Which give us the idea to use the Arduino board on a piece of clothing and give the clothing a function which would react to certain movement of the body .


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