Field 1 : Arduino board intro

Learning the basics of the Arduino board required a basic understanding of how there are different kind of electrical currents an example of this is the two different types of electrical current ,for example there are ac and dc electrical currents in which are used to power curtain circuits .The difference between the two is AC uses an alternating current as for DC uses a more direct current .The reason why this is a factor for circuit boards is because in order for the circuit to have the right electrical current ,so that the components in the circuit board do not get over whelmed and a way to control the amount of voltage is going in is by converting the alternative AC current to DC to allow a more steady pace in voltage disruption. An example of a component that uses DC voltage is a battery which depending on the size and quality can be used in all different kind of circuits .

Another way to explain how Arduino board works is by separating the two main features which are voltage and current .A simple way of explaining this would be using a waterfall as an example ,for instance treating the voltage as how high the waterfall is and how strong the current is on a waterfall determines the Amps .

Before we started our session we had to learn the basics of how circuit works .One factor that we need to take into account was that every circuit needed to have a positive and negative input and output to prevent an short circuits accruing this happens both positive and negative are connected creating an overload on the circuit causing a short circuit and essentially frying the circuit .A way to prevent this would to use a resistor which is a component for a circuit board ,that helps control the amount of voltage certain components receive to allow a better ruining circuit .There different kind of resistors used with different sensors ,led ect a way to identify which resistor is best to use for your circuit is the colours shown on each resistor indicating the amount of resistance each one has.

During class we had experimented with different components and sensors ,by using the Arduino board and changing the coding to adjust the strength and frequency the Led operates .



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