The experience I have gain from my time in my constellation I have been able to learn different artists and there perspectives on different philosophy an example of this would be  ‘Structuralism and poststructuralism’ where we had to take aesthetics  into an account and observe what is classed as a good design and how does the philosopher view his ideas and thoughts through his journey.We I have also learnt during my constellation was work from William Morris who is an artist in the art nouveau movement which was in Europe between 1880-1910 ,the art nouveau movement was developed which took its inspiration from nature . Also during the session we had a chance to work as a group to develop on ourselves by studying other peoples ways of thinking and opinions and trying to relate your theories and trying to justify them through supporting facts and well executed arguments . When in our session I have learnt many people have many different opinions and can create collisions in theory due to passionate beliefs on there ideas . Also by being a group that are in different fields has opened my view of design by learning different ways of approaching a brief with different ideas of certain subjects such as the discussion on the development of technology effecting design industry .This caused alto of arguments because people from other fields felt that there subject was the best due to the lack of technology and came up with the idea that there would be a lost in culture in the development of technology is pursued . I however made the argument that having more technology will not only improve our lives but will allow us to perform even more advanced art and design because even in the old days new technology has helped develop mans designing methods ,for example the brush being in vented as well as furnaces for clay models .And it was because of this argument I was able to express my self my confidently and if I were to redo the conversion I would most likely try to support my ideas with dates and strict facts on the certain quotation and points I was trying to make .Another factor I would like for the constellation to do would be to become more interactive ,in a way where the rooms we are placed in are not so dull and unattractive but allow different seating orders and different methods of teaching during the lesson with using more media and social interactions. But in a whole I have enjoyed my constellation although I would like to have changed the subject we have learnt to be towards product design based theories for example I would have liked to have the example of famous product designer philosophy be explored more and having the information of artist and designers be more towards modern designers than the ones in the 1990’s this is because i would like to move on from past design work so I will be able to improve upon myself with example of work similar to my own creating more of an option for me to produce much more better work.


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