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We are going to analyse the different areas of the morals of the modern day designer and whether or not their ethics are in favour of the consumer and their consumption.  The morals of the designer can be separated into different sub headings.  One of these headings would include the life span of a product (planned obsolescence).  Designers are known, especially in major companies to design products that are made to fail after a certain amount of use or period of time.  This fault that is built into the product benefits the manufacturers as they will gain more profit by consumers purchasing more of their products to replace the damaged or purchasing newer models that are constantly being released.  An example of planned obsolescence is a vacuum cleaner.  History shows that the early models of vacuums were designed to last a lifetime, but nowadays after three to five years the vacuum fails to work effectively or parts begin to break, costing the consumer hundreds of pounds at a time to replace or buy new.


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