Field Research

Evaluation Matrix

The Evaluation matrix was made through using the design brief I produced , in order to get a better understanding to which design suits the target market and matches the brief the best .There were a wide range of people asked to vote for which design best suited the brief this ranged from people who the product were actually targeted  at and random people and friends and family .By getting a better range of people I manage to get more honest opinions and it seemed that design 9 and got better votes than any other design .


  1. Electric car charger for Petrol station environment
  2. Futuristic medical mask
  3. Backpack / Portable seat
  4. Bike storage unit
  5. Eco-bus hut (Especially  for electric cars )
  6. Eco-City ( adding foliage to city technical Products)
  7. Future medical seat (portable)
  8. Walk assistor
  9. Late hour friendly walking stick

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