Field Concept design

The different design ideas

The design below was based on creating a more aesthetically pleasing medical mask for the people in china to prevent people who are sick from spreading it to other people .And by redesigning this product to become more productive and more aesthetically pleasing will help increase the amount of people to use this product and hopefully design the product to the point where it creates a new market for the medical industry .


Eco – Friendly hut

Simply to put this is a design in which combines nature and technology together in order to making a city more alive and doing this by using already technical designs in a city environment and adding nature around the design to help create a more alive and green city. This will help create more clean air in the city with plants creating clean air through the carbon dioxide produced in the city .


See through mobile phone

A very simple concept and creating more see through phone to prevent people on there phones texting running into traffic or other people causing anti-social behaviour making walking a more attractive choice for people .


Portable seat




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