Field Concept design

I had started to place ideas on too paper trying to grasp and idea of what potential idea I could produce to match the brief I had produced . The things I had to apply to the design was a list of certain aspects in which the design must have ,For example the design must have some way of being sustainable this could be through the use of using eco-friendly features too the design . The design below was inspired for eco-friendly travel having aspects of being able to have solar panel be placed into the shelter area to help influence more eco-friendly travel ,so in the general sense this is a bus shelter aimed for buses in which run on electricity and are able to recharge when at the bus stop .The design itself was created in a form in which can be used in a Hong Kong design area .

Design 1

This is an quick view of what the design would look like when the city environment is placed into it allowing a quick idea on how people can interact with the product and get somewhat of an idea of the scale that we want to use for the product .When getting reference with the my tutors on this design they said the piece was too large scale for a short period design .


Design 2

This is a walk assist design aimed at a target market of physically disabled people and was designed for the aesthetics of being able form around the leg in order to be able to be placed under clothing to allow people with disabilities to look like everyone else . The design also was to help influence walking for the handicap so less people will use motor travel and walk.


This is how the design would look when attached to the leg.


Design 3

This design is a redesign of a charger for electro cars , the aim was to design a smaller scale charger in which can be used in a petrol station environment and has the function of being able to be placed in other rural areas in which mean the function it would need to have is being sturdy and structurally supportive .



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