Field Concept design

Today session in splitting into our focus group , I have found my self in a group of a larger variation of skilled artists and designers. The group I am currently involved with has six members two are textiles ,one is fine art , one is from graphics and finally one from illustrator. Our first task as a group involved us producing a presentation introducing our fields and what our research involved . We decided to break the ice by going to the pub and while doing this one of our group member helped spot out certain aspects in a city too look out for these include things such as churches bus stops road crossing and certain events areas such as the ghost walk .I found that I worked well with the group due to the that we had rather similar traits in our personality ,however in the next couple of days I think that some leadership should be shown in order to maintain the constant work forces . Our final presentations ended with praise and gave a good first impression.


Two in which are textiles which honestly did not please me due to the aspects in which textiles main material use is and the ideas of that clashed with mine ,having no real similarities . However there research in the history of cities helped with my own due to them giving me the incite of the past allowing me to understand better how to improve upon those design too incorporate it to my own design .Another member of the group is graphics which I feel I will relate to the best due his research involving the same style of design this include the colour form and layout of certain aspects .


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