In my field work we were all given the same brief which was based on producing a piece of work in which reflects a city environment and doing this we need to look at some key aspects of the area we want to concentrate  on so for example I had decided to do my project in a another country (Hong Kong) the reason for this is because I am experienced and what I learned from my research is that cities in euro have are very fair and have a rather good standard of living, however countries such as Hong Kong have a divisions in there society with social class and health care with the poor being mistreated . What I learned from field was that my team had influenced my way of thinking through the means of there research being based on old fashion building giving me the idea to alter already made products which have been used by a more mature market ,and altering the product to give it a modern look and functions.

The concept design was derived from images taken around town and from the net ,and when designing I had found that there were many process I had to go through before I got to my final design ,so for example before we decide what design we should go for we have to create a design matrix which is a table which displays all your ideas and give them a ratings from 4 to 5 different categories . These categories will be  features taken from the design brief and the design which matches the design brief the best is the one I would go for .Another task I did before my design was doing a brain storm with a few other people ,in other words writing down as many ideas as possible and then sketching out the best ones. This process lead me to have tones of variation of ideas  ,this is wear I learnt that even during the brain storming stage you still have too take into account certain principles to design these would include dimensions and if the technology used actually exist .But sometimes these design don’t not have to have existing technology but it will become a potential idea for engineers to pursue .

When doing my field I had to present my work and this is when I learnt the different kinds of poster i could potentially produce ,the poster needs to have clear signs on what it is and how to use it and this could be done through using story boards or even landscapes . In the end i had decide to go the storyboard route too displaying my work because i wanted to show more diversity to my work and was inspired by dyson instruction manual being simple and elegant . The illustrated pictures had to be tested with a certain age group in order to bring out the right instructions and direction i want my product to go . the main reason i chose this method was because my product is a multi functional object so in order to show all features without confusion i decided to use the story board method to display my work to the best of my ability .





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