Field 1 Research

How would I define a city ?

The ways I would define a city would an urban area surrounded by large populations and involves cultural and some sort of social order creating a more civil way of life . Also a city in general has a certain standard of living , depending on people own perspective can be considered a higher standard of living with much better advancements in technology and opportunities . But people can argue that areas such as the interactions with one and another in much worse in a city environment due to higher population causing less of a close tight community and not having everyone’s opinion be taken into account.

A city can be also defined by its wealth , and the way this works is that with a well off city the life style and living standard is much better .And by having cities have this aspect creates an image for themselves ,however a city with wealth will always have its downside .For example London a very wealth and well respected city has the uptown image of the city wear the wealth is shown in its full glory and then you get the upper east end of London where crime and poverty is clearly shown ,causing a clash between the images in which Cities like London betray themselves as .Which could mean that a city can be defined as a community built up on the control having the a variations of wealth to the community to allow a mixture of standard of living to exist .


Migration is defined as a movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling in a new location .People who migrate into cities always have the same intentions which is to improve there standard of living (there are arguments of people moving out to improve there lifestyle but this is specifically aimed at people moving into cities) through better jobs opportunity and the culture .The people would be identified as people who can be improved or want to better them selves by moving to a more urban environment ,with such a wide range of people in the world who now live in rural areas it is very hard to try and identify the appeal of city people .

There’s also the development of resources being imported in to cities in which has had a rumble effect on the culture and development over the years changing the cities appearance . An example having tea leaves being imported into cities such as London creating a national beverage and England being identified as being the land of tea drinkers. Also the development of new materials which help the development of cities such as the materials used for roads making them more visible and smoother for safer transportation .

In the past when industrial revolution was set in place there was a huge migration of people who would move from villages to towns and then to cities in hope of seeking work . The reason why this happened was because production of food and resources had suddenly become much more efficient due to advancements in machinery , creating an increase interest for poorer areas to move to more urban environment .


Power and technology involved in a city environment  has started developing over the years with the development of seeing the disadvantages of certain actions such as the case in the industrial revolution where the pollution had started to take a total on the city environment .This had accrued from having fossil fuel being burnt at an excessive amount causing clouds if smog being developed in cities causing thousands of death . Now regulations have been put into place to control the amount of pollution created e.g Clean air act (1970).

Religion is a powerful factor for a city environment because the effects of religion can control the development in which can accrue in a city ,an example will be the Vatican  where the population is religious creating distribute against technology causing them to become less technical in terms of development . This however has created the area in roman to become more artistic in the way where there are much more churches and monuments in the city area ,where as in London where there are more modern technology and but less culture .

Producing a mindmap to try and keep and open mind



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