Field 1 Introduction

Introduction – brief

The brief of the course involves me identify what defines a city and trying to differentiates a particular city from other cities or surrounding non city space ? .This could be argued involving the differences between cities trying to identify what creates the identity of the city itself  .

The brief also requires us to really observe every detail in the city , taken into account of the past and what could potentially be the future for a cities development and image. How does the city or the particular part of it feel ? A multisensory experience in the city

Detailed design brief

The aim for my project is to produce a product which helps influences citizens cultivating in the area of Soho located just Outside Hong Kong capital and currently inhabiting over 3 million . The aim in to produce a product for a city environment to improve the conditions of standard of living in the city area .The idea is to produce a product in which can produce positive social impacts upon the urban community with the function of being sustainable ,this can be through the process of improving the quality of life through reducing the amount of pollution produced  through the massive amounts of fossil fuels being used. The main target market will target a wide range market in order to have a more strict impact ,so for instance people who uses public travel for everyday use . Their income will be rather dis spendable , so the cost of the product is not overly expensive so it can not be affordable to the average person income .


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