Starting the year I was introduced too many different methods of producing a design and at first was rather overwhelming due to the fact i had to take in so much information in such a short period of time. This however had became much more bearable as the year developed on because I had gotten used to the living arrangements and gotten into a routine and balancing out my time . The first exercise I was given was to design a product in which can be used to improve future life and this had become very helpful to me because I had a chance be very creative with my ideas having no boundaries and having my peers work to compare with had helped me in my designing process by me drawing inspiration from there work. One piece of work in particular was a app design ,which caught my eye because the design matched what I wanted to produce for future reference.

Another skill I had learnt was from the introduction to the work I was given , this really helped refresh my mind in how to use certain tools and was given a better understanding on how to make certain shapes .Also with the introduction I was introduced to many different machinery such as the 3d printer and the CNC machine and these machine were explained very well on how they work and what design process you would use these for. For example I was given a demonstration on how to make a bracelet using the 3d printer and the outcome was very impressive due to the fact that the machine was capable of producing a product with properties such as elasticity .Also the tutors had given us team building exercises which had given me an idea of what it was like in a product design team in an industry, One of the exercise was to create a tower using  the bare minimum of materials and the aim was to create the tallest tower . During this exercise I had decide to let my team decide what to do while I give advice and help as much as possible . My first suggestion was to create a tower in which had more stable than length to ensure we have a final product ,However my team wanted to do maximise the production of the tower to be tallest . The exercise ended with us losing the exercise which made me want to take a more hands on approach in the next team challenge so we will not fail. The experience in the whole had taught me to become much more vocal and not to be afraid to protest my opinions . The term then carried on with multi team challenges and what I have learnt were my class mates strength and abilities which will help me in the future if I want to create a product in which it has certain aspects in which im not so keen one to be done by my team .

Other the term I was also introduced to different cad programmes and how each programme have different properties and benefits for my design being able to design in a more clear 3d aspect allowing the designs to be explored in a more detail manner .One example of this is being able to place the product in different angles and view so when trying to display the object in a certain environment will help make the product more clear and the purpose and the features . Another programme that had been introduced this year that I have learnt was key shot a programme which allows high resolution rendering and learning how to really make the product come alive . The tutorials in which was given to us did help in the short run but I had found the best way to really become experienced at using this software was just to keep experimenting with the different options and way to manipulate the shape on cad. Also when producing the product on cad has allowed me to get a better understanding on how I would go buy making it by producing exploded views with cad and ensuring the measurements of the cad model are to scale .

On the other hand I was given the chance to try rendering using marker pens by hand I found this process much harder because the quality can never compare to cad rendered images but I have learnt that this method can be used for quick sketches which help you get and idea of the product before using cad. Also when learning marker rendering I have learnt the different perspective of drawing I could produce such as orthographic or two point perspective drawing Ect . Also i have learnt to use marker rendering to help show different material properties by creating a metallic shine on certain parts to display its a metal .





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