Project 4 : Research

The Physics in a general sense can be derived from the idea of having gravity as a form of physics and the way humans have been trying to use this to our advantage by creating buildings and bridges which uses physics to benefits our cause. An example of gravity being used to create forms and structures would be the Brooklyn bridge and the reason why I choose this was because the bridge itself uses physics of the wires to support the bridge weight and form .

280px-Brooklyn_Bridge_Postdlf 220px-BrooklynBridgeSchematic

The inspiration gained from this bridge sculpture was the slick and structure in which is used to hold up the product to the point where it is structurally able to hold up using the physics and other aspects .


Project 4 : Research

Yanko designs

The design style I would like to go for would have to resemble Yanko design idea with he slick elegant look of there design to the complex look and detail  need to execute the design itself . An example of a product that uses elegant designs .

untitled (20)

As you can see the product has a slight curve in which creates a slight arc which allows the function of being able to shine the light at a certain angle and create a much larger radius of lighting area to be created . Also  the actual product itself has a the ability to be placed on multi surface although the surface has to be flat in can be placed vertical and horizontal due to the clamp asset feature to the product itself .