Project 4 : Introduction


To design and make a working prototype of a bespoke decorative pendant or a floor lamp  for our Fab Lab. It can be as small as the size of a teapot and as big as your size!

You can work individually [preferred] or in pairs.

For the form/structure and pattern, get inspired from either:

–          Biology and physics

–          Textiles

–          Previous Fab Lab projects.

While your working prototypes should demonstrate the skills of this term’s workshops, all working prototypes will be exhibited in Tommys bar and will be formatively assessed  on Tuesday 10th  December.

The best appropriate design to be voted by staff + students will be housed in the Fab Lab


Tue  19th Nov: Research

Mon 25th Nov:  Gareth B. drawing skills workshop

Tue 26th Nov: tutorials – need ideas on paper + low fidelity models

Mon 2nd Dec: tutorials

Tue 3rd Dec: tutorials

Mon 9th Dec: final touches – check out Tommy’s to see what’s needed for your set up

Tue 10th Dec: 1st year product design Christmas party  in Tommy’s bar – assessment

Form and structure can be almost any size in which in suitable for the users, And the freedom of shape can be rather explored. An example of a artisit called Chuck Hoberman who had specialised in making folding toys . He received some of his ideas for nature and biology. Recently studies

Voronoi diagram is the way of division decomposition of space .A unique way of displaying a services which can be seen in nature such as leaves and the layers on bark and other areas, this concept also inspired structures with buildings such as stadiums and bridges too create a structure .By taking ideas out of nature creates biomimetic .

An example of nature such as


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