Project 3 : Final Ideas Key Designs

Characteristics : The product must be durable easy to use and be able to fit into an existing kitchen easily also the image we are trying to portray through our product is that we are trying to show that we are moving forward with the design and developing to become the more unique and  generally more becoming .

Materials : We decided to use nylon to make our product. It can be injection moulded and mass produced effectively. This allows quick batching and also keep prices down. The material also has a strong heat resistance of up to 280 degrees which is needed. It also has a good resistance to chemicals which can be found in certain foods.

The price of the product to be produced will be roughly around £2.20 each if taken into account in producing in bulk and the retail selling price would most likely be around £5 to £6 because we want the image of john Lewis to become a factor in the cost of the product and not down grading our selves to seem more important.


The first final design ideas shown .



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