Project 3 : Producer target market

John Lewis

The image in which john Lewis portray there products is a slick and elegant and provide a very functional product , and the general look of the product itself create a very nice balance of function and form . The colour scheme of the actual product is very vibrant and not complex in a way where you’ll never find a product with more than two colours the reason for this is because it helps keep the slick and elegant look of the products itself .

230620300 230700539000224714 230954818 231306393 231451140 231667491 231855324 231906885 231906886

These are all example of kitchen ware in which john lewis sell and the image in which the company is trying to portray this will allow them to create an image for themselves ,letting consumers know that they have a constant quality of product in line for them .

Our design I think matches the style of john lewis because we use slick and elegant forms to our design and resist doing a product focused on just ether form or function ,creating a nice balance to the whole piece of work.

An example of our work compared to john lewis designs :

231306393 20131111_143639

As you can see both products try to keep the design plain and simple but with a nice twist to the actual form and function of the product creating a balance of form and function. Also both products have in corporate ergonomics into the design but we have altered the shape of the handle to help creates a better user to product relationship .


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