Project 3 : Final design ideas ( Development )

The original idea was to allow the chance to experiment different sizes and form the final design to get the best outcome to the actual product itself .This was done through trying to make as many ergonomic handles and trying to apply the ideas to the second part of the product . For example some of the handles I designed had an added feature of flocking a form of coating around a certain area in order to give comfort as well as smooth texture .

This is an example of the handles design done :


The handle dimensions where originally 20cm length and the reason why this had changed was due to the test handle we had and it had shown it was very unproductive in terms of the length was too long . So we had adjusted the size by decreasing the amount of materials used and had found that the new measurements of  18cm was much suited for the arrangement we wanted .However we would have to adjust this measurements again when doing the child version of the spoon .

Another factor that we had too take into account was the area of the grip of the product we wanted was going to have and we came up with diameter of 1.5 inch due to doing research in a book called the measurements of men and woman .Allowing us to get a rough idea how much of a grip they would need in order to get productivity an efficiency .

20131111_093050 untitled (14)

The actual Shovel part of the product need more research in terms of needing to be able to get an idea of what area we need and depth in order to the right volume and size to allow the ability of producing a 5 day possible this was done through the means of knowing how much is a one 5 day ,which is equal to 80g in weight wise .Another factor that needed to be taken into account was due to the depth needed in order to store  the 5 day the ability of the spoon to be able to pick of veg was much more difficult so we thought as a group a added feature of a shovel tab was needed in order to achieve more efficient use of the product.

An example of what the final product may look like :



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