Project 3 : Final Design Matrix

The final choice we decide to produce out of the three design ( Vegetable cutter, 5 a day spoon , Storage container ) The reason for this was that the discussion of the product function had to become a factor in the process in order to get the best outcome .  The first product we identified was the vegetable cutter and we noticed that all our design had strengths and weaknesses and it seemed that the flawless out weighed the benefits in a way where the need to get the process of cutting the vegetables at a multiple rate where it became a smooth movement and process where preparing a meal will not take too long .

The different aspects we had focused on in order to determine the right product were


  • Fits into an existing kitchen ( The target market kitchen we have chosen )
  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • Promotes healthy eating
  • Fits target market

The second product we had too take into account was the storage unit and because the storage unit , we all thought that this product was chosen in a way where the function could not be altered too different in because the product needs to have the main functions of being able to store food have a open and close feature and fit into a everyday fridge .So the decision was that not much could really be done on the actual product form to allow the influence of healthy eating to be incorporated unless there was a change in the graphics design of the storage unit . And the design produced by everyone was not as great as the next product we analysed  . The Last design we had decided as a group to go with was the 5 a day spoon design the designs itself were not the best but the potential to develop the idea was much better in a way where the idea itself was unique and required the research and development in order to get the best outcome creating the best opportunity to get the best product possible also the product itself had the advantage of being a relatively low cost product and can fit in a kitchen environment very easily as well as having the advantage of being very easy to use . The idea of the product also fit the target market very well in a way where the products main use was to be used on vegetables and identifying the how much is needed in order t have the 5 a day nutrition .


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