Project 3 : Semiotics/Semiantics


The broad tem semiotics is the study of signs and symbols or interpretation , an example of this will be roads signs and signs in which have a hidden meaning which can be identified by deep analysis .

There a is a way to separate the differences between the literal signs to the signs with deeper meaning , these are called denotation the literal sense and very straight forward with trying to get the meaning across and there is the connotation side to semiotics where it focuses on what they are trying to betray out of the signs and have much depth to them .

untitled (12)


Semantics focuses more on the form than signs of an object , meaning the object can do more than just be an aesthetic feature but a form of communicating meaning with the users.

Products which have semantics attempts to convey what a product does through its form , this can be argued as common sense in a way where if you take the knife as an example of a product where the clear semantic of where to hold the object is clearly indicated through the use of ergonomics and instant awareness.

untitled (13)

Semantics is the relationship between the user and the product


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