Project 3 : Models

The first product I had began to model was the vegetable cutter and the way I started assembling the model was by ensuring that the measurements for the average hand and the ergonomic were taken into a account so that the product can fit the target market and the the brief better .


The first main priority was to create the base of the product an get an clear idea of the shape and size ,so during the modelling process I noticed that the size I originally thought of was rather small and had potential to become much bigger so I had experimented on increasing the size of the product by just a faction and it had made a dramatic in terms of allowing the more comfortably for the function of the product as well allowing more space for the actual veggies to go through more comfortably .

An example of the product altered design with the increased width and diameters of the arc of the product which had then had an added function of increasing the size of the actual of the button in order to allow better range in blade penetration in he vegetables and gives the option of switching the knifes .


The following product was then developed further on with the adding the function of the product to the model to get an idea of the effectiveness and the need to develop the idea further and need to make any necessary needs to adjust the products function. When developing the products function I first went for making the inner shape and craving out the area to allow the space needed to create a pushing force downwards without creating friction on the sides of the structure to allow full power and ease to the products function.

The test of simply placing a pen under the product was done in order to get a clear idea of the space needed to and the effectiveness of the product . In conclusion I had found that the whole products function needs to be developed as the blades strength may be compromised as the blades may bend due to length and force needed to cut the vegetables .Also there’s the case where there maybe difficulties in the function for the users because if there are too many blades on the actual product the force needing the cut the vegetable will need to be increased and also if the blades as too close together then there will be difficulties with removing the veg from the actual product . However the simple way to solve this is to create a more wider blade which will cause more of a separation between the slices an have less blades added to produce faster motion with easier cutting .


The next product I had started to model was the spoon the way I had developed this product was trying to get the right thickness of the product and what I had found out that the product itself that the actual thickness of the product was very unproductive for the function of a normal spoon.


The prototyping process used a method of separating the product into two different parts and then joining them together with a simple hinge or glue .The handle was made by craving out a rough shape of what the actual product will look like and then developing the idea further through the use of sand down the edges to eventually get the shape that would be able to conform to the hand the best .The process then go on to having the grip of the hand being located in order to get the best outcome and need to ensure that the product itself is smooth in order to have the best outcome for repetitive .



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