Project 3 : Initial ideas

After the group discussion I had began to sketching the different ideas and form of what I wanted the storage to look like and the way I wanted to betray the storage unit was to be multifunctional allowing the combination of having the ability to use the storage unit as a lunchbox as well as a storage unit able to fit into a fridge .

This was the out come of what I wanted to achieve :


The main idea was the have the white area be used for storing meals and other produce and have the blue section be able to store liquids which acts as a lunchbox as well as being a area of storage of foods and beverages . The idea of this product had come from Yanko Designs , And the form of the product was inspired by Jonathan ive  due to the slick and simplicity of the look of the design and the function of the product was gonna be a simple rotation motion in which unlock the product releasing it from the green structure.

Other example of the storage unit being developed :

20131103_132342 20131103_132334



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