Project 3 : Initial ideas


One of the first sketches I did as a way to show an initial idea and try to develop this idea forward and the idea to this product was to create a tablet holder in which can be attached to any metallic surface in order for the product to be able to fit in to an existing family kitchen .This could be done through being able to fit on the front of fridges or metallic cupboards and also be able to fit on a flat surface due to the suction pads on the back .


The way that this product would work is by having the back of the tablet have magnets and depending on the tablet weight will determine the strength of the magnets . Also the back of the product will contain suction pads to create more support for the product ,however there was a debate whether to just go with one or the other to prevent unnecessary cost to the product making it more affordable for the users .

The way that the tablet will fit on to the product is with four triangle hinges which will clip on to the tablet creating more support and the reason why the product will have to fit from behind is to have more support for the tablet and ensuring it will not fall out of the base. Another aspect the product will have is a plastic casing around the product to prevent any unnecessary magnetic interference .


The look of the product had to remain slick and simple so I went for the circle shape in order to hold the tablet on to the surface because I thought the smooth edges and simplicity of the function will help create the slick appearance of the product .

An example of the what the product will look like with and with out the tablet in the form :

20131103_132019 20131103_132026


The triangle hinge previously mention before .


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