Project 3 : Group discussion

Today we have decide for our project as a target market as we will be focusing on a younger age group the reason for this is that we think there is a gap in the market for products that give children the options of eating healthy ,this meaning our design will not be directing health eating directly by enforcing the idea to children but giving the client the options to choose to eat healthy .This will be done by giving idea of healthy eating through methods of using vibrant colours and attracting the children through graphic images of fruit and other aspects of food .


The final choice was trying to influences the idea of having children age group and some how involving the tablet idea of showing healthy eating through the use of applications .

The discussion followed on in trying to attract the kids to the kitchen to influences cooking and adding features of healthy eating in the idea itself.

untitled (11) untitled (10)

This was an example of a lunch box design by yanko designs and this design caught our eyes due to the unique form of the product as well as the having a nice function of division for the product and instantly when looking at this product you can identify the target market in which we agreed was a middle class business or office worker who likes the fresh and modern tech.

untitled (9) untitled (8) untitled (7)

As an exercise we decide as a group to all write ideas on several posted notes and then introduce these ideas to the group and then decide which one stand out the best ,finally after the discussion we manage to pick out a total of six and then placed the ideas on a design matrix and as a group decide which of the six designs met the right criteria .

The final choice was the organised lunch box , a storage unit in which is used to store healthy foods and last but least a fruit dispenser.

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