Project 3 : Research (Modern kitchen ware)

When coming on to my research there have been an alarming increases in  apps ,that shows people how to cook certain recipes and theses Recipes can be shown using a tablet to help the users create the more wholesome food . This has also created a range of different apps which specialise in producing foods in which are more healthy and are good for your health . So this allowed me to research more good which have help people read the recipes off a tablet more comfortably .

This is an example of a product in which uses a wooden frame to provide a steady base and a nice structure support for the tablet which can show the face in a clear view.

John-Boos-Gift-I-Block-Cutting-Board-with-Stand (4) John-Boos-Gift-I-Block-Cutting-Board-with-Stand John-Boos-Gift-I-Block-Cutting-Board-with-Stand (2)  John-Boos-Gift-I-Block-Cutting-Board-with-Stand (5) John-Boos-Gift-I-Block-Cutting-Board-with-Stand (6)

As you can see this stand has another feature of having a detachable chopping board allowing multifunctional process into the design which but however see once the back board of the structure is removed in order to become the chopping board making the tablet less stable to the stand causing problems with the main purpose of the product itself . Also with the product I see the they use a method of a plastic bag as a form of protection for the tablet ,this as a whole does protect the product from water damage .However this leaves the users vision to be restricted which may cause frustration to users and disadvantages for specially challenged eyesight ,also with the plastic case being made of a flimsy elastomer the capability of being able to use the tablet through the material will be restricted along with  having no protection from scratches and stain . Finally the stand and board show a flat smooth bottom meaning that during the cooking process it with cause accident due to having no grip to the also flat table top surface .

This is another modern style product I looked at that may influences more fruit eating to time saving  adults in there late 20s .The reason why I think this is the suitable target market to aim at due to the fact its low in cost and its portable and as well as being able to be used in almost any empty bottle showing its for people who are on a budget and may just had started to be in the working environment and want to save money while having the luxury of freshly squeezed juice.

Umbra-Sombrero-Bottle-Top-Juicer (2) Umbra-Sombrero-Bottle-Top-Juicer

As you can see very simple function and gives the comfort ability of freshness to the outcome ,however when saying this it seems that the product must have some liquid to be already in the bottle in order to for the bottle no to break during the squeezing process making it a disadvantage for the user meaning the bottle lifespan will decrease ,this squeezer is also just limited to being used when there is a bottle making restriction for the user and efficiency of the product .

Other example of similar products :

Citrange+Double+Sided+Hand+Juicer (2) Citrange+Double+Sided+Hand+Juicer (3) Citrange+Double+Sided+Hand+Juicer (4)

Another example of a unique modern Product that is used as a drying rack and helps with the development of influences where designs come from .

Boon-Lawn-Countertop-Drying-Rack-in-Spring (3) Boon-Lawn-Countertop-Drying-Rack-in-Spring (2) Boon-Lawn-Countertop-Drying-Rack-in-Spring

This design uses the influences of grass as a form and function to allow comfort and practically use of placing items on to the product to dry efficiently.

References :


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