Project 3 : Research (General)


A process intended to maximise efficiency in a working environment , in order to increase the production of goods and services . This is a popular term that is considered Ergonomics and the way this is achieved is by making work related products to become much more comfortable to use . This would be done by studying the relationship between the user and his environment and the adjusting the product to become conform to the body much more effectively were when used multi times will not cause any discomfort being back pains , straining in the hands and body ect


Is when you are trying to find the average scales for the directed target market in order to maximise the productivity of the product . The way to do this is get the range between 1 to 10 and meet the scales around the middle of the scale this will allow you to receive the right measurements for your required product . Of course these measurements are different between every product and the scale is determined by the target market .


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