Project 3 : Research (Artist)

Ikea as a whole has been one of my main influence due to there wide range of kitchen goods and utensil and there target market seems to be aiming towards middle class to low class citizen and have developed a certain style in which  is modern yet efficient .Examples of this will be shown below:


As you can see Ikea create there products using a unique balance of form and functions having the products be functional with a  décor to the actual product this is done through the use of simplicity to the work of ikea by keeping to one colour allows the whole product to become very vibrant and stand out very create a modern feel to the product , this will resemble a lot to Bauhaus   in the sense it uses a lot of strict dimension and geometric shapes.


This Product will also be another example how Ikea creates a certain style to there work by using vibrant colour to in corporate dominates to there work making the slick curves and edges stand out from the rest. Also the practical function of this product involve having a soft tip which uses a elastomer which has some heat resistant properties ,and due to properties of the elastomer the tip can allow for smooth cooking especially for foods which require a lot of liquids (also good for spreading).



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