Project 3 : Sustainability / Eco-friendly

Sustainability as a whole is a concept which requires the product or the service to require certain aspects to consider the whole product as a sustainable . The definition of Sustainability derives mostly on the concept of being recyclable ,while sustainability does come from this aspect it also come from several other aspects an these features and be identified in seven different sections.

graph4b_300px_021. Duty of countries to ensure sustainable use of natural resources. ( This mean we need to consider the product in a more international sense in order to be culturally stable in order to cause harmony)

2. The principle of equity and the eradication of poverty

3.The principle of precautionary approach to human health , natural resource and ecosystems (Ensure the product doesn’t cause any effects on wildlife that would change the lifecycle )

4.The principle of public participation and access to information and justice

5. The principle of governance and human security

6. The principle of integrations ,in particular in the relation to human rights and social, economic and environmental objectives

7. The principle common but differentiated obligations


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