Today I had received some guidance on how to produce a product using the tools and machines provided to us through the university and the first material I am planning to use for my first piece , will be foam board . Foam board is lightweight low cost material , which has properties in which allow easy modelling capabilities also has become an idea material to use for rapid prototyping situations . An example below will be the foam board and as you can see the material is light weight and rather dense so it can handle sanding and filing and retain its shape.

This was the final outcome of the product made of foam



In my personal experience i think the out come of the product as a prototype came out at a very poor standard due to the fact that the material itself was hard to change inorder to gain the same smoothness and finish that the product had . Also with the outcome of the product showing the actually functions were very hard to see this is most likely be due to the fact that the colour used to represent the phone dark exterior did not have a nice finish gloss effect to it causing the confusion of what the final product was ,finally lowering the quality of the product .However the form of the product i think was achieved very well due to the fact the wire cutters had allowed clean cuts through the piece and the filing was done to a point where we left space for improvement.

Another material which we were given a tutorial over will be clay and when making my product i found this to be the mot easiest material to work with ,the reason for this is that the material and properties of clay is very easy to mold and can be allowed to create a smooth surface in which can resemble the product.

This is an example of the out come of the product made with clay




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