my first attempt i thought ill try just go free hand and try to get the right curves and dimensions in the product but what i found was that the product ended up looking very distorted and made the whole product unbalanced .This was due to the lack of boundaries the   was given to the product allowing the stem of the headphone to become much thinner making the head of the product much larger than it really is.


My second product that i had decide to draw was a headphone ear piece and the reason i chose this product was it was something i used on a daily bases and also its something i feel comfortable to draw .When i started to draw this piece i thought the easiest way to draw this was giving the piece of work some margins and allowing myself the space and accuracy to produce the right curves and width inorder to get the complete shape .


My final attempt on the headphone i decide to use the two point perspective way of drawing which allowed in the final outcome for the product to become much more realistic in size and form and due to the ability to create a boundary on the shape had allowed me to add much more detail to the piece of work but realising my rendering need much work .



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