The second product i had decide to draw due to the fact i felt i had much more of a close relathionship with due to the fact that i use this product almost everyday which allowed me to produce much more accurate and detail sketches because of my ability of being able to identify the areas of the product that function and the ones that don’t .

This will be and example of a product that i had drawn free hand


This drawing was used to try to show the function of the product through the use of using different  signs and symbols on the screen displaying the features/functions of the product in order to make it easier for the user to use the product with less trouble in trying to figure out the main aspects and the purpose for the product itself.


The second sketch I had done was trying to add colours to the piece of work and trying to added an effect of light shining on to the actual piece to create a sense of realism to the work ,by this happening I would be able to help the user to identify the materials used due to some of the materials properties .For example if glass was used the shine on that product area will be much brighter, so the reason for this to help identify the products aesthetic properties.


This is another example of me using pencil colouring to show the product in its full glory and the resolutions is slightly better than the one above only because with the top image I had multiple lights being shined on it the product causing a difficulty identifying the main areas of reflection and also by doing this makes the image less complicated and improves the quality of the product by concentrating on slick and honest design work.



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