Project 1 : Different perspective drawings

When trying to analysis the object , I was drawing I had to take into account the area I want to expose the most in order to show the main functions of the product . So I had to study the different techniques in which I can draw an object in order to show the object unique abilities effectively.

This is an example of the  a one point perspective drawing

The lines that start near the point of view and get farther should be drawn extending towards the selected vanishing point.

This will allow me the show three sides of the product , But however I found the image looked rather distorted when using this method of perspective drawing . Whish had then led me to expand this perspective drawing to a two point perspective drawing where unlike the one perspective drawing there are two vanishing points to an image instead of two allowing the method of angling the product too a certain view more effectively.

This is an example of an two point perspective drawing

Make light, temporary guidelines with a ruler (shown here in green) to make sure your details are in perspective.

The other perspective drawing I saw had a very good outcome to the work but would be considered difficult to do due to the fact the instead of two vanishing points there of three.

This is an example of a three point perspective drawing

Multiple "Third" Point Perspectives: Each of the third, fourth,... vanishing points relates within the three ordinary, perpendicular, graphical axes of a scene, ie: it could be graphed using 3-dimensional (x,y,z) points as in geometry and algebra.

In my final decision of what perspective drawing I wanted to portray my product in to get the best out come will be the two point perspective drawing due to its ability to give an some what accurate image and idea of what shape the product can become , as well as only having two points to focus on will allow me additional attention be towards the detail to the image itself .


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